December 03, 2008

About Peru, a marvellous place

Charming, magical and culturally rich, Peru is a large territory country located in western South America. It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

In fact, this land was home to the Chavin and Mochica civilizations, some of the oldest in the world, and to the Inca Empire, the largest state in Pre-Columbian America.

The Spanish Kingdom reach these lands to conquer the region in the 16th century. The King established a Viceroyalty, which included most of its South American colonies. After achieving independence in 1821, July 28th, Peru has undergone periods of political unrest and fiscal crisis as well as periods of stability and economic success.

Info and Facts:

Capital city: Lima
Important cities: Trujillo, Piura, Cuzco, Arequipa
Official languages: Spanish
Independence declaration: July 28th, 1821
Land surface area: 1,285,220 km²
Population estimate: 29,180,900
Currency: Nuevo Sol
Currency symbol: S/.
Time zone: PET (UTC-5)
Car traffic: Drives on the right
Internet TLD: .pe
International Calling code: 51

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egiftbasket said...

I don't think I have had Peruvian cuisine but reading these recipes and seeing these photos makes me want to run out and make each one right now!